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Let our design process and project management expertise guide you on your journey.


From concept to completion, planning to project management and everything in between, Peg Berens Interior Design offers full-service interior design specializing in residential new construction and major remodeling. We work with closely with you and your project team (architect, builder, tradespeople…) to provide you excellent customer service and results.

Complete Design Concept Development

Interior and Exterior Spaceplanning

AutoCAD Plans and Details

Lighting Design and Fixture Selection

Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Specification of Built-in Surfaces and Finishes

Specification of Furnishings, Art, Antiques and Accessories

Procurement and Implementation

Project Management


Design Process

Good interior design is a very deliberate, thoughtful process. There is nothing random, compulsive or mysterious about it. We aren’t crazed shopaholics. We aren’t scatterbrained divas obsessed with pillows. We aren’t trying to take over the world with accessories. We are educated professionals committed to enhancing your built environment by designing spaces that are safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Interior Design Phase

For any new construction or major remodel project, the interior design phase is the lifeblood of the project. First, we get to know you, your needs and your spaces. We talk. We listen. We measure. We photograph. We help you to define what your design aesthetic is and what your goals and budget are.  All these pieces of the puzzle are gathered during this stage to create a high-level design concept.

Next up, we create AutoCAD space plans, elevations and details of your home to create a design that is safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing. We create schedules of what needs to be selected, by room (ex. plumbing, appliances, lighting…) and material finish estimates. At the end of this stage, you will have all the documentation you need to get project bids.

Specification Phase

Now that the design phase is done, we are ready to start specifying all the interior elements of your home. Everything from plumbing, lighting and appliances to mouldings, door hardware, cabinetry species and flooring will be selected with you. We go through a very deliberate process with you and the team to identify every last little detail.

The specified items will be documented on plans, schedules and a shared online project folder. At the end of this phase, your builder will have everything they need (along with the architect’s construction plans) to start your new home.

Implementation Phase

We are on the home stretch! Implementation involves everything related to making all of our design concepts, plans and details become a reality. It is the procurement of everything needed for your project. Expediting products. Receiving and warehousing. Working with contractors. Deliveries. Project management. Taking care of all those little details for you, such as handling discontinued items and working out complications with your tradespeople. Site visits. Installation. Final touches.

Interior Decoration Phase

Now it is time for some fun! Here we identify all the furnishings, art, accessories and window treatments that are needed for your project. Specifically. A 10′ x 8′ sectional. Four bar height stools. Two lounge chairs, no deeper than 40″. You get the idea. We create the ultimate shopping list. We know your preferences, we have our space plans, and we have a detailed list of exactly what to look for. The actual selection process goes from overwhelming to methodical and with your assistance, everything on our “shopping list” is chosen. And yes, we add those final pillows and accessories.

Interiors. Redesigned.